Thursday, February 22, 2018

Fun in February

It was 85 degrees today, and we went to the park to play in the middle of February. Bloom where you're planted, I suppose, and when you're planted too. There were shenanigans aplenty, and we giggled a lot, which absolutely needed. She's getting big enough that we can barely play like this anymore -- I think that there will only be swimming, Kung Fu, and horseback riding (her chosen sports). I'm trying to sign her up for them again -- here's hoping her dad says yes this time.

She is getting to be such a wonderful young lady, and she has a ton of fantastic personality. She bought herself a My Little Pony diary and she loves getting to write in it each day. (Note: the mask is mine from a New Year's Ball some years ago. She adores it.) She has a particular pen (much like her mother) and a little heart shaped lock on the diary. It's cute as kittens to watch her writing, taking her time and choosing her words. She's certainly setting a good example of the daily writing habit!