Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Eclipse Season, part one

What a week we have had: threats of nuclear war in Southeast Asia were actually eclipsed by torch-bearing white nationalists on the Lawn and a hate-filled murderous ramming. It can be hard to see the light, indeed.

I'm glad that I opted not to attend the ministry gathering in Charlottesville on Saturday. Don't expect this to mean that I tolerate nationalism or that I will in any way be quiet about it. I won't.

Far closer to home, there has been much activity as well, no less revealing. The workshop in Richmond was excellent and continues to confirm that this is the path that is opening for me. Love and compassion are our greatest gifts, and through them I continue to find my greatest joy and action. The companionship of Friends in Richmond was replenishing, a deep drink of a clear stream. I am blessed to have crossed paths and look forward to doing so again in the not-so-distant future.

There has been less glamorous work, too. Sweeping up the dust, clearing out the rubbish, straightening the edges, emptying the bins, signing the paperwork -- it all needs doing, and even a little effort seems to reveal much for me this month. I'm not even really all that upset to be doing the chore-some work of it all.

Love and comfort are hard to come by these days, it seems. Nurturing and connection are basic, human and necessary. If there is little now, there is one thing I know to be true beyond all else: now is not always. 

Today is now; tomorrow beacons.