Monday, June 26, 2017

Welcome Back.

We picked up Vivian on Friday evening and then I went to a Rhiannon Giddens concert, the recipient of an extra ticket from a Friend. The concert was so soul-clutchingly good that I take it as proof that the Universe loves me and wants me to know that I am not alone. Bonus: Vivian has fallen in love with her music as well, and keeps putting the song "At the Purchaser's Option" on repeat. There are far worse things in life.

Saturday morning saw a regathering of some of us from the workshop. It was just what my heart needed, and I'm looking forward to more Writing. The solstice Gathering on Wednesday evening left me awash in the soft glowing fullness of the light, and I carried it forward with me. I also ended up sharing my workshop experience, and one of the published poets in the group asked to see one of my pieces, then offered to write a letter of recommendation after he read it. How wonderful and validating and unexpected. I'm blessed.

I managed to finish out the workweek, including writing my self-evaluation for the year. It was difficult and left me fragile, but it was clarifying too, bringing a breath of perspective to the whole toxic, office-politics mess. In the end, I realized that I am strong and savvy and insightful. I'm a good team member and am worth every penny they pay me. This was good for me to know.

Saturday after the writing group, Vivian and I poked around the Village and had a grand time getting lunch at the ice cream shop (grilled cheese sandwiches have never tasted better), dropping the bike at the bike shop for a tune up, visiting our favorite toy store, and dropping into the used bookstore across the street. It's good to be back in the 'hood.

This morning, Vivian started summer camp and she loves loves loves it. She packed up her suit and goggles, put them alongside her cover-up and towel in her bag, and headed out the door. She is so grown up that it's wonderful and tragic at the same time.

Also, she's as in love with Rhiannon Giddens as I am. You have been warned.