Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I Want a Man I Want

I want a man who is quiet
Who leads by example
Who believes in respect
And respects belief.
I want a man I want to listen to
Not one I have to.
I want a man who is clean
Whose touch cleanses my soul
Whose kiss is redemption.
I want to believe
in myself more because
he believes all
the things that I am
and doesn’t care about the places
I have fallen
and will fall again.
I want a man to whom I can be
released by surrendering,
In whose waters I can dive deep and come
Up for air with full lungs and a whole heart.
I want a man who can
Support without pedestals
Hold his own in a room
Give without smothering
Accept without embarrassment
Argue without anger
Protect without diminishing
Assist without condescending
Fight for me without forgetting I am

I want a man who sees me
Whole, disregarding the pieces
The shattered tatters of my soul
Littered on the path behind me
Shivered dust of all the mirrors I have been.
I want a man who romps and stomps and drinks and frolics and explores
With me sometimes as good, sometimes better, sometimes needing his hand
Who cherishes me

I want a man to whom I can give
Without giving away
Touch without being consumed
Trust in the darkness
With the sounds encroaching
Have at my back never
Holding me back

And a decent game of chess would be nice, too.
I’m greedy like that.