Thursday, May 11, 2017


Occasionally the Universe reminds me to slow down, breathe, let others be themselves, have patience and wait for what will be revealed. Yesterday was that, and, thankfully, I did much of what the Universe prefers.

Work stuff has been happening everywhere, up to and including a talk with my boss, the CEO, last Tuesday. I listened, even when it was uncomfortable, and approached the situation and myself with love and compassion. The next morning, I asked for mentoring on soft skills, and it was accepted. It's always uncomfortable for me to ask for help, and then I'm never quite sure how to receive it. Growth is always awkward; that's what makes it growth.

Then yesterday there were a ton of closed-door meetings, and the energy was Very Weird Indeed. But, true to form, it wasn't about me, despite my worries. It turns out that the head of my department, an executive director, has decided to radically change her position instead of coming back from maternity leave. I'm thinking this will be positive for her, and am really happy that she can find a work-life balance. As for what happens at work, we will be fine, of course. We will address it and in a year it won't seem to be nearly as big a deal.

We met with a friend last night after work, ostensibly to talk about some stuff for the group we participate with, but ultimately it was just really nice to have the time to share socially. Then we went home, did yoga in the living room and went to sleep. It was the best sleep I have had in months, and I swear that I feel more centered and real. This morning I spent 15 minutes in the sauna before showering and heading to the office. Life is really good.

My partner has another temp-job interview this morning, and I feel very centered and calm. Things seem to be moving forward on the house front, as well, and I'm expecting to have a walk-through this week with the contractor and inspections scheduled for next week.

Keep smiling, and remember to breathe.