Sunday, March 26, 2017

And a lovely weekend it was

The weekend was filled with fun with Vivian and control-freak measures by my ex. We all had a lovely time anyway, and everything that needed doing got done. At one point, I was on edge because of the threats and bullying from Vivian's dad, but then my partner was loving and calm and solid, and it made all the difference. We had a great time in the Village, as we promised Vivian we would. There was lunch and ice cream at Pop's one of our favorite locations, with playtime at the toy store afterward, and then a turn around the park up the street to enjoy the nice weather.

Do not ask her about the buckin' pig. Please. For my sake.

We had a garden party at church on Saturday, which is a good way to get people to show up and then hand them a rake or a trowel. We had a lot of fun working together with mulch and planting seeds and plants. There was even a bunny that got startled, and it's the smallest bunny I have ever seen in my life -- not much bigger than a dandelion. He sprang out from behind a rose bush that we were weeding and we helped him get out of the road and into the park across the street. I keep imagining his poor mother, tsking and shaking her head about that headstrong little rabbit of hers. Beatrix Potter would understand. We made snickerdoodles with some freshly ground soft winter white wheat, and they may be the best batch yet.

Friends Being Friendly

We left church and went to the gym, as I was overdue for some sauna time. It was good, and I was wiped out during lunch and cards afterwards. I'm not sure what I ate that got to me, but I was sick later that evening, and spent most of it sleeping as a recovery tool, which, miraculously, seemed to work.
Sunday morning I was weak but fine, and we went to church and then came home to rest. We explored some interesting opportunities along the way. Future reports as events warrant, but keep thinking good thoughts for us.
In the meantime, we finished Iron Fist. I'm not certain what the hoopla is about -- we liked it. It was great to see Claire again, and a perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.