Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Olive Oil is here

Tuesday I had the stress test (all looks good) and was fitted with the event monitor. By the time that was done, I was wiped out, but we had dinner with friends planned, and it was wonderful, but went on way too late -- I am in no position to be seeing the other side of midnight any more. I was beyond tired when we got home, and there was a story of dropping into a ditch and jarring the bejeezus out of our necks, and that left me pretty achy and cranky to boot.

I'm supposed to wear the event monitor for a month. So far, one or more of the four leads has managed to fall off every 30-60 minutes, freaking out the monitor and causing me to DropEverything and tend to it. I haven't been this distracted and out of sleep since Vivian was 4 weeks old. This morning I picked up some paper tape to hold the sensors in place, and it's working for now. Thank Heavens!!

Today, I'm still super tired.

But the first shipment of olive oil came yesterday, and I'm tickled.
Can I just tell you that it is so goo d I might never go back? It is so super smooth and rich that I could just sit around a lick it. We had it on the night's freshly made bread with a little oregano and salt in the dipping, and it was a-MAZ-ing.

I am still tired today, but I'm in the office and getting it done.
I'm looking forward to the sauna while Little Miss swims tonight.