Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Love > Fear

Yeah, you.
Do you want to know a secret?
Come, pull up a chair, scooch it close; let me tell you what I know. It won’t take long, because it isn’t much:
Let me pour you some tea while you think that over, because that’s it; that’s all I know.
I have spent a lifetime looking for answers, thinking I found them, watching them crumble or dissolve or simply disappear. But not love; never love. And it’s possible that the Beatles were right all along, that love really is all you need.
Now, I’m not talking about the kind of love when a seventeen year old boy kisses a sixteen year old girl on a summer evening. That’s amazing and all, but that’s not the universe-centering sort of love that I’m on about. I’m talking about the love that comes from the core of your body and radiates into everything, without end, beyond the outer edges of Kuiper belt, still going strong, without taking anything out of you, never depleting, only connecting and lifting you higher. That kind of love softens everything before it, warms everything it touches, breathes life and fresh air all around. And it’s ours, whenever we want it. It is there in the grass, in every argument, no matter how far off track we have gotten. It is there in the wind, in the rain, in cubicle farm.
Take a sip of tea. Love is in there too, and if you feel for it, you can feel fear and hurt recede, melt away.

This challenge is about living in love, that kind of love, every day, even when I’m angry or hurting. Especially when I’m angry and hurting.

Join me, if you care too. It’s simple; it’s free. It’s not exactly easy, but what is that is worthwhile?
Either way, enjoy the tea.