Sunday, February 12, 2017

Challenge 31: Frost

Frost, or Isa, the Rune of Ice

Attention to small things gives us real results in large things.
This is my Why, and the Tao is my Way. The Rune Isa indicates stillness and reinforcement, a great theme for me this round.

I'm going with a 3x5 (+1) for this, three goals with five elements each plus one life goal.

  1. Act (daily elements) - keeping in action to sustain the healthy foundation. Improvements are bonus, a happy accident of continued use over time.
    1. Morning walk -- 20 minutes
    2. Steam room and sauna meditation -- 20 minutes
    3. Hydrate -- 2+ litres throughout the day
    4. Sleep - 9p.m. to 5 a.m.
    5. Journal
  2. Connect (daily elements) -- nurture and be nurtured by my community
    1. Meetings daily
    2. Call Paula daily
    3. Call Vivian daily
    4. Friends group weekly
    5. Monthly newsletter thought of the day
  3. Sustain (weekly / monthly elements)- these are the things that keep me centered and whole, no matter what life throws at me. And trust me, life has a wicked curve ball these days.
    1. Katrina - weekly therapy
    2. Greg - weekly acupuncture
    3. Sunday - weekly reset routine
    4. Erin - monthly yoga therapy
    5. Candy - monthly hair appointment
  4. Freedom -- leveling up on financial freedom is a huge deal for a reason. It takes a lot of willpower over time, but it reaps long lasting rewards.
    1. Assess the landscape -- so much has changed since October that it needs a thorough reevaluation (Week 0-1)
    2. Plan (Week 2-3)
    3. Execute (Week 4)
      1. Weekly
      2. Monthly
      3. One-offs