Thursday, November 10, 2016

XX - Judgement


Change has been coming your way for a while now and today you may see the first explicit features of it. What happens today is only a beginning and you may look back in a few days/weeks/months and recognize that your life is in the process of making a turn for the better. It's the nature of life to not stay the same, and you are being moved forward now.

Clear thinking, career moves, spiritual awakening, legal rulings, rebirth, resurrection, renewal.

Given the journey that I have been on these last several months(and years), this seems perfect for the day. My partner and I had a lovely morning and went to the gym in time for a trip to the steam room before the shower. I feel centered and calm, personally, which is the upside, since I'm kind of losing my footing at the desk with all the touch-and-disappear aspects of how the project elements are handled. It's all to the good, since I can come up with whatever organizational plan makes sense to me, and now I have enough information to begin crafting one.

Speaking of crafting, my creative mind has been wide open and completely engaged, all the time lately. This morning while thinking of getting dressed, I designed three different outfits before I walked across the room to the closet.
Knitting especially has a lot of traction with me right now, and I have even dreamed of it. There is a particular yarn that is showing up, and I had forgotten about it altogether. I am hoping to order several skeins on Glenhaven Fingering in time for a late January or February delivery, probably with some solids to go with it.

Yesterday evening we walked the track and talked about priorities -- it felt good and centering and whole. Then, before dinner, I found the time and space to call my sponsor for the first time in ages, and even though I only left a message, it felt good to connect. She called me back later in the evening and we talked for a bit, and that was even better.  Staying connected with my community is really powerful for me, and I'm glad I have it.