Sunday, August 7, 2016

On the couch

Grabbed some gym time this afternoon before a late lunch. And can I just say that the potatoes from the garden are excellent? Because o yes, they are.

At the gym:
  • Walked twenty minutes or so. Probably right around a mile.
  • Weights
    • 32 inclined sit ups 5# each hand
    • 32 twisted angels 5# each hand
    • 24 swimmers press 10# each hand
    • 8 skull crushers 10# each hand
  • 25 minutes sauna meditation with avocado and coconut oil treatment on my hair
  • Long shower rinsing out treatment
After lunch, I combed my hair. This might not seem like a big deal, but Trust me: the 'do was headed to dreds, and that's not a good look for me.  It took over an hour, and there were times I wanted to quit. Tears were a real possibility. But it done, and smooth and lovely.

Resting before dinner

Bread and homemade hummus