Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Shaman (Magician)

The Card for the Day is the Shaman from the Wildwood Tarot. He’s a dirty, gritty fellow who’s see the dark side and come back again.

A far cry from his esoteric counterpart, the Magician, this magic man isn’t performing meaningless rituals and ceremonies. He isn’t reciting empty words of power.

He’s fighting the very demons that would keep you awake at night. He’s getting down and dirty with his work and that is what you must do today, with a little shamanistic magic thrown in.

If you’ve been kidding yourself over something lately, today’s the day you’ll get your rude awakening. If you’ve just been pretending, today things are going to get very real.

Harsh warnings? Yes, but if I didn’t tell you like this, you wouldn’t take any notice and the message of the Shaman would be missed.

You’re gonna work hard today, with real work, that requires not just all your effort, but your will to continue. See it through as the rewards are worth more than you can imagine right now.

Realism replaces delusion and in the process, you are empowered, renewed and strengthened.

If you’ve been doing spiritual work, visualisations and pathworking, you are about to take a monumental step forward. If you’ve been afraid of letting go, or just moving forward, don’t be. The Shaman is there to guide you, and he’s been there before. Trust him, he knows what he’s doing and he’s waiting for you right now.

Interpretation by Tarot Elements