Friday, July 29, 2016

Extra bonus bliss

Spontaneous road trip last afternoon up to the Jefferson Pools for an hour long soak in the warm mineral spring, followed by a fantastic dinner of fish and chips at a local tavern. There was an appetizer of homemade nachos and an equally amazing fresh dessert of hot fudge sundae cheesecake.

On the drive home from the pools, we talked about my writing. I'd had a couple insights while I was floating around, alone in the quiet, and realized that I can write all the time, but I simply have no perspective when it comes to the finished product. I need to let someone else do that. And that's perfectly fine; I simply need to keep writing.

My day was complete, and the night's sleep was the most restful I've had in a long time, opening the morning up for a languid, loving start to the day.