Sunday, March 20, 2016


Went to the gym this morning with the family. Twelve minutes of elliptical, 2km row (11 minutes and change), a mile plus walking, and weights. While at the weight machines, I encountered a girl who was clearly intimidated by it all and cheered her on. It felt great. Also did twelve incline twist sit ups with 8 pounds, twelve back extensions with eight pounds, and added in twelve side extensions. Did twelve glute extensions at 70 pounds and twelve prone leg curls at 40 pounds. Then 100 yards in the pool before the hot tub.

My inner Paladin came out in full force when we were eating lunch. Some red neck cretin was standing in the street, yelling racist comments at the Hispanic family that lives a couple doors down. I went outside and loudly and firmly told him he needed to leave. He mouthed off to me, questioning my breeding, and then thought better of it when my partner stood, silent and firm, behind me.

It's good to have a team.