We are all picky about who we decide to be in a relationship with. A lot of people may catch your eye but not many persons will catch your heart. While it is important to find someone whose interests align with yours, have you ever given the thought of being in a relationship with a traveler? A whole new experience awaits you, and here is why:

They are compassionate humanitarians

They want to give a piece of themselves to the world. It is not about turning away a meal, refusing to pay for a service or talking down to a stranger they just met, rather it is about appreciating nature, animals and the human race.

They are natural problem solvers

A lot of traveling has taught them how to adapt and survive. And one of the ways to navigate through an entirely new territory is to solve common problems such as identifying unsafe situations, booking a train ticket in another language or being able to negotiate with locals.

They see the world from a different perspective

They have a more holistic view of life. Traveling for a traveler is more than just a hobby, it is a journey into uncharted territories. And every encounter with you will be a moment of shared experiences.

They are great at appreciating little things

Their satisfaction is not in the sophisticated things of the world. But they would gain excitement even in such little things like how the sky is blue or how grand the mountains are. They appreciate the world for its simple pleasures.

They can be independent

Rather than be jealous, needy or clingy a traveller gives you the space you need when you need it. Travellers are free spirits and spend time to find comfort and peace in their own company. They value freedom and are very conscious about pursuing a path that will make them happy.

They are attractive

It depends on how you consider the term “attractive,” however you should understand that travellers are a unique breed and they have lovely and beautiful souls. They are confident, tolerant and adaptable. Through their journeys they have been able to build relationships and turned strangers into life-long friends. What better way can you determine attractiveness than these?

They are romantic

Yes travellers appreciate nature’s beauty because of their travel schedule and places they have seen. It is not about going to dinner or watching movies, it is actually in such priceless beauties as watching the sun rise and the sun set. It is actually in enjoying walks along the shores of a white beach. With travellers you are certainly going to have priceless moments which can be the foundation to any solid relationship.

They are adventurous

You may have been terrible at making new friends or forming new social circles. You may be reserved, placid and taciturn. However, when you are in a relationship with a traveller, expect adventure and the journey into new territories. Travellers are fun and they will ignite your relationship with enthusiasm and endless excitement. So if you want to embrace the world for what it has to offer, learn to appreciate a traveller.

They are not pretentious

Travelling presents challenges and situations that will make you less pretentious. Travellers are original and genuine. Pretending or acting to be what they are not can be a barrier to enjoying the pleasant thrills along the way. Falling in love with a traveller makes you see another person for what they are and how willing they are to discover not only the world but themselves.
Altogether falling in love with a traveler takes you out of your comfort zone and makes you appreciate the world around you in a whole new way.