Saturday, October 24, 2015

An insightful random comment

While reading an article, I stumbled on a well-written, well-reasoned comment.
It's rare enough that I'm reproducing it here in full, just in case it disappears before I get a chance to put it in a museum.
Our governement gives Walmart free land and billions of tax payer dollars each year to build stores that pay its employees less than the minimum wage, and the government happily suppliment these poverty wages with food stamps and medicaid.

Our government gave $13 trillion tax payer dollars to Wall Street

Our government took over two of the largest private companies, Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac and provided them with an open line of taxpayer credit.

Our government purchased toxic (worthless) assets from private companies.

Our government purchases and sells (present tense) millions of dollars of stock each year to control the stock market.

Private corporations are replacing our public school system, providing inferior education at the same price.

Our government forms public/private partnerships with corporations, allowing them to use public funds to build private assets and provide inferior services for above market fees.

Our goverment provided corporations with tax cuts and incentives to create jobs and these corporations created jobs overseas with taxpayer funds, hiding the profit to avoid paying tax on revenue earned from taxpayer investments and cheating taxpayers out of funds needed to rebuild our infrastructure.

The very rich have benefited from socialism for nearly 40 years. NOW Main Streets wants the government to help it rebuild the middle class and put Americans back to work and the use of taxpayer funds for this purpose is unthinkable? I wonder why. --Donna Rogers