Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Learning to Listen

My children have an interesting pattern of conversation -- whether toddlers, tweens or teens -- whenever they are told to go do something, anything, other than what they are currently doing. It goes something along the lines of:
Me: It's time to go brush your teeth / come to dinner / clean your room / collect your huge lottery winnings.
Child: I'm doing X.
Me: I didn't ask you what you were doing; I told you to go do <thing_that_i_said_mere_seconds_ago>.
Child: I'm doing X because of Y.
Me: I didn't ask you why you were doing that; I told you to go do <thing_that_i_said_mere_seconds_ago>.
Child, now clearly exasperated: God, Mom, don't you love me any more?
Me: No, but I don't love you any less, either. Now go do <thing_that_i_said_mere_seconds_ago>.
These days I'm learning to listen to the Universe and act in faith and act less like one of my children.