Thursday, June 11, 2015

OCD Brain

Today was lovely. I am really enjoying walking the greenway at dawn, with a grand total of 5.5 miles walked so far, three of which are done before 7.

This afternoon I went to a meeting, talked with my sponsor, went to Physical Therapy, where much good stuff was done to address migraine issues, and then cashed in a voucher for $10 of local vegetables (have I mentioned how much I love this City?). Also, I've been drinking lots of water today, which is all to the good with the ever-threatening migraine that has plagued me all week.

Now, the PT has kind of wiped me out and I'm going to take a little rest.

I ended up driving to the meeting instead of walking, which was probably for the best because of the migraine, but really it was because I ran out of time to walk to the meeting since I spent all morning 
  • going through stuff to relocate or donate or pitch, mostly donate 
  • reorganize the entry way, creating a space to house shoes and bags for each of us, including some more hanging spots for jackets and hats, as well as a landing zone at the right height for putting groceries or other armloads of stuff down when we come in the door
  • hang up a star chart poster, (it glows in the dark, you know)
  • hang up my sword, (behind my desk chair is really the perfect spot for it)
  • organize files that have been lurking all about the apartment in a discombobulated state 
  • move a cabinet (that might be going to Goodwill, I just don't know yet), 
  • talk with the location manager about getting a new key for the storage unit because the one I had is lost, 
  • have Ethan removed from the lease, 
  • and start a load of bedding and towels laundry 
because I was looking for the box of ink cartridges so that I could print my calendar for the day.

Just now found the ink cartridges, so I'll be all set for printing tomorrow's calendar.