Monday, February 16, 2015


This evening, as the snow blanketed the streets in powdery silence, I dozed off.
I dreamed that I was working with the prosecutor's office on a police event, walking a dog that I pretended to be mine, in a neighborhood where bad things had been happening recently. My task was just to talk, to be neighborhood-friendly to anyone I passed, but especially to keep an eye out for any white men in their late twenties to mid thirties. We had been out for nearly an hour, with temperatures dropping and light fading quickly, when we all decided to call it a bust for now and go get a glass of wine. I headed down the backstretch of the block towards my (borrowed) Subaru Legacy Outback when a young man came over and asked how I was doing. I said that we were first e, just finishing up our walk, and he grabbed at the leash, pulling out a gun when I jerked back, shooting toward me without aim or pause, and running when I started yelling for help.

I brushed off assistance, swearing I was more shaken than injured, and returned to the shared house that was our base of operations, where I fell asleep in seconds, still wearing my coat, my shoes next to the couch. When I woke up in the dream, I went to where one of the medical students? Young doctors? Prosecutors? was hanging out watching Grey's Anatomy, and asked him to take a look at my left elbow, because it hurt and I was pathetically too scared to look at it myself. In the process, I gave him grief about watching McDreamy.

He found a bullet lodged in the bend, stuck where it had smashed into the metal plate from seven years ago and took me to the hospital for surgery, pointing out that I am an idiot, with me agreeing and asking if I could have that glass of wine now.

The phrase, "I know prosecutors are supposed to be tough, but this is ridiculous." was a thread throughout the dream.
When I came out of surgery, I asked what happened to the dog, and they told me she had been taken back to the pound. I made them go get her for me.

Freaking snow dreams.