Thursday, January 29, 2015

Measles, really?

Measles is really really contagious. It's so contagious that if one person has it, 90% of the people close to that person who are not immune will also become infected. If you walk into an area hours after someone who had measles walked through, you have been exposed. Sadly, the person spreading it through the area might not have a single symptom yet, a situation that persists for four days before the infected person starts showing symptoms (let alone gets diagnosed).

Fortunately for those of us in the U.S., measles was declared as eliminated from within its borders in 2000.

But it's back with a vengeance and it's heading my way.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 644 cases of measles from 27 states last year, by far the largest number since 2000.

Look, I'm not upset about not feeling comfortable going to Disneyland. This was always one of the creepiest places I could ever imagine.

But for those of you, braintrusts all, who have decided that herd immunity is fiction, who have elected to forgo the life-saving inoculations provided at low or no cost to you and your family because you think it's some sort of conspiracy, because some pin-up girl told you so, please stay the hell home. 

Yes, to you Westies in L.A. and you oh-so-enlightened naturalists in NoCal, I'm talking to you. Get your petri-dish kids away from the general population. 

Hole up in your anti-vaccination enclaves; share your diseases with the other like-minded intentional-community members who share your airspace already; enjoy your venison jerky, your fever, your god-awful fever and rash. Fire up your generators and your wood stoves, because we don't want you coming out into the population at large. No really. [S]tay home from school, work or day care for 21 days. Have a cup of superiority to go with your bunker-high canned goods, and don't call us, because we don't want our delivery folks coming up to your doors. Come out if you live through it.

There are some pretty dumb people out there.
---- Dr. James Cherry