Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New place

I have keys to the new place. G and I moved in a few things, just starting with the most important: tv and rocku and wireless router; bottle of wine, corkscrew, chef's knife, garlic and The Pan; kindles and coffee, tea and mugs; a set of towels and pajamas for each person; the cross candles, the triple wick candle, and the orchid.

There's a lot of great energy going on these days. We have bikes. The boys' lofts and desks are ready to move in. We are getting rid of nearly everything. We really like it. An acquaintance recently said it was as though I was doing feng shui on my whole life, and that's quite accurate for how it feels.

While Graeme and i were moving things in tonight, I noticed a posting for free yoga classes at the gym downstairs, every Sunday from 10-11. It's like a sign from the universe.

Here's a pic of me in the new place, not that it really reveals much. I kind of like the overall Less-is-more zen of the pic.