Thursday, February 20, 2014

Term 143

Started classes last night, and it feels great to be back. It's hard to believe that there were only eight days since the final exam -- with the snow storm weirdness, it feels more like eight weeks have gone since then. There will be a lot (lot!) of writing in this class every week, and while it's going to mean I have to knuckle down with the schedule, I'm looking forward to it. Tonight is the second class, Criminal Law, and I hope it's going to be great.

Dumb stuff of needing to go to Staples to get some more Arc supplies, and needing to get my hair done have been scheduled. The mail still hasn't come to my house since the snow storm. What's up with that? I'm getting to the point that I think I might have to walk my outgoing mail to the post office to get it sent.

Tonight's meal of London Broil is simmering in the crock pot. It will get french cut green beans and egg noodles as a side, and a glass of Bordeaux to go with it.