Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Today I wrote my first legal brief, and it was concerning a divorce case from the 40's. For the first time, I have a legitimate fear of what gay marriage will portend: the absolute inability of historians to discern which party was doing what from the write-up of the case. I swear that halfway through the brief I gave up trying to identify the parties by either name (this being the 40's, they had the same last name of course) or position -- there were so many cross-filings that they were equally identified as plaintiff, defendant, respondent, claimee, etc.For the love of all that is holy, please let's do away with the convention of changing names when we marry. If it hadn't been for the "he" and the "she" in the case summary, I would never have had a hope of disentangling it all.

In other class news, I am having a ball. I like the research and writing, and the paralegal profession class gets quite spirited in its discussion, even when I am not participating.

The showing of this year's Nutcracker was impressive.
It may be Christmas now.