Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013: The Year That Was

Usually my year-end wrap-up post is a lengthy affair, but 2013 was weirdly quiet on the accomplishments list.

I mean, I only read fifteen books. What's up with that?

I lost a job, moved house, and then suffered some health setbacks, all of which made 2013 the year of drop-back-and-punt, personally and financially. No matter how many interviews I have attended or how enthusiastic the potential employers have been, nothing has materialized on the job front. The health issues seem under control for now, and I'm looking into what Virginia's possible expansion of Medicaid will bring for 2014.

On the upside, I decided to switch careers and have gone back to school. I aced my first term and am settled into the second term, and doing well; I start the Six Sigma Black Belt class this week. The lack of organization has just about driven me around the bend, and the kids and I have been dealing with that in a slow but steady manner. I'm not sorry to see this year end, honestly. I'm certain I have learned much, but it's going to take some time to see those lessons come to fruition.