Friday, January 4, 2013

The first six miles are the hardest.

After a bout with the flu, brought to me by Vivian, which laid us both low for a few days, I have finally gotten back on the bike. I picked up where I left off -- 30 minutes at level five -- and while I certainly noticed that I hadn't done this in a good while, I was pleased that it was possible. I have plans to meet with a friend tomorrow night to coordinate workouts so we can be in-person accountabilibuddies. It really does make a difference.

I finished the blue sweater and it is drying, smelling delightfully of lavender and love. I have rolled up the first skein of Skipping stones for the Promised Vest. I haven't ever done a vee-neck before, and I'm actually sort of intimidated. But that's why there are patterns.

While I was tending to Little Miss, Graeme made a cake. He is super-talented like that.

Quote of the day:
Him: Do you need anything?
Me: A maid?
Him: I'm probably trainable.