Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Last night's knitting efforts were mostly winding yarn while Vivian squirmed in my lap. She is adorable, and cuddlesome, and brought a blanket over to my chair and shimmied up and tucked herself in next to me. It made winding the yarn a challenge, but was nevertheless a delightful time. And Graeme and I put off watching Being Human for a bit until after she was in bed properly, but then we checked out an episode before I hit the sack. I have a couple more inches to put on the body and then I'm off to the races on another sleeve (wish me more luck on this one than the first!)

In between tucking Vivian in and watching some television, Graeme helped me by timing my plank and watching my form. I did 50 seconds of plank, swan pose, bow pose and child's pose twice before picking up the needles and the remote.

I meant to take a picture of the progress on the Blue Sweater, but I keep forgetting, and by the time I remember, I'm tucked in bed, flannel sheets and down comforter sapping away all ambition.

At work today I'm looking forward to pulling my notes together for the project I have been working on. I started yesterday and had just hit a groove when I said "Oh my goodness; is it five o'clock already?" [And yes, I was so sincere it was sad.]