Wednesday, December 5, 2012

All in a day's work (or two)

This morning was fine. Better than fine, actually, and after the gym the morning went quite smoothly indeed. In fact, Vivian was chipper enough to let her brother take a Going-To-School picture of her. [Yes, we all agree that this is a very cute dress, and that it might be the last time she wears it. When we bought it three months ago, it came down past her knees.]

At work I started winding down my old tasks while ramping up my new project. Mostly the new project deployment involved a lot of meetings and asking people questions. I love process improvement and I'm pretty excited to have started this. It's a fairly small project, a first piece, actually, involving the mapping of the existing process and then identifying areas for standardization, areas of waste, bottleneck areas and other impediments. There was so much work to do that I couldn't believe it when my calendar reminder dinged, letting me know it was time to go get the boys for karate.

And then, somewhere on the ride home, I was just convinced that it was no longer Wednesday, but had become Thursday. I got wicked excited about watching the upcoming episode of Arrow, which, of course, was not actually in my streaming library after I got home with Little Miss and ordered a pizza for the boys to devou eat when they got back from karate. It took me a good five minutes to reset to the idea that it was still Wednesday. Scary, I know.

Graeme decided to make certain I was awake by cutting himself while whittling with a pocket knife. That certainly did wonders for my evening cardio-event, but all is well and we didn't need stitches. We will still have Arrow tomorrow and in the meantime we are playing cards and hanging with Johnny, who agreed that today was just wicked-long. [And yes, that is a Samsung tablet that Johnny has. We had a fun time poking at it and becoming entirely acquisitive the longer we looked at it.]