Thursday, November 1, 2012

Getting my Zen back

The girls and I contacted Erin to see what could be done about returning our Sunday ritual. I'm hoping we can get a bit of an extended session, since we are electing to sign up for what is known as semi-private training, so that along with Pilates we get a touch of yoga and meditation as well. Goodness knows I think we all could use it, not only with the couple of months we have all gone through, but with the holidays coming up as well.

My back is cranky with the cold and the desk chair, and my soul wants to hunker down under the covers lately -- I blame the weather, the shortening days, and low morale at work. Interestingly enough, the decision not to buy any food and to see how long we could make do with the supplies overflowing from the cabinets has actually been restorative and grounding, a bright spot in some lackluster days. In fact, everything at home has been perking along positively, and I have my fantastic children and brother to thank for helping keep me sane.

Last night, after the trick-or-treat madness (we live in a neighborhood, so there were droves and activities and candy), I finished the season one cliff-hanger of Revenge and then Johnny loaded up season two of Game of Thrones. [Side note: HBO really needs to get a clue and make this show purchasable by episode. Geeks would buy it, but we don't all want to subscribe to the channel, and some of us manage quite nicely without cable altogether. The bottom line is that the company is missing out on our dollars. Somewhere Johnny has a great comic that illustrates this point.]

Today I'm distracted by home organizing thoughts, a typical November activity for me, and a good sign that my soul is getting back on track. A lot gets purged over the next six weeks, so let me know if there is something I have that you would love [No, Alessandra, you can't have the mug. What would I serve you when you visit?] and if it's on the list I will be happy to send it along to your home from mine.

I also am putting together a list of things for the gifting season. [Some folks are easier than others -- Johnny, I am still working on it. Some years I don't know what I'm getting you until Valentine's Day.] This morning, for example, I told a friend I would knit a garment -- just give me the yarn and be patient while I create it. A year ago i wouldn't have done that, and I think it speaks to my growing understanding that I have value.