Thursday, November 8, 2012

A quiet Wednesday evening at home

Yesterday the boys restarted karate as part of the Black Belt club. Basically, I paid one price and they are signed up until they get the Black Belt. I love that this option is available. For now they go Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening, the same days I'm biking in the morning, and I like the parallel of it all.

While the guys were in class, Vivian and I picked up Chinese food for dinner. It was particularly yummy, and hit the spot on a cold winter's evening, but the coolest part were the fortunes. I have never seen any like them before (and I have visited many an establishment, and this particular establishment many times). Mine said I would get my heart's desire (absolutely cool! but the part of me that read a lot of Poe and Hitchcock says beware, young Jedi!); Graeme's read, "You have an affinity for all things artistic;" Vivian's warned against arguing with superiors and elders (good advice for us all!). Johnny had two (showoff: one said to work harder (!?!) and the other advised drawing attention to the problem now identified; and Ethan's advocated traveling more as the key to his happiness, all being weirdly relevant to what is going on in our lives.

My chest ached again last night, so I'm thinking that three times a week is a good beginning plan for a Level One Wimp. Good sleep, plenty of water and good food, good family and friends: these are equally important as I am healing my heart, in all the ways you can think that might be true. My back continues to creak and feel stiff, and I'm hoping that this week's yoga / Pilates session will begin to address that.

After sending the guys to bed at a reasonable hour, Johnny and I watched another episode of Game of Thrones Season Two [he has seen them all but is watching with me because he is cool like that]. I was knitting on Vivian's capelet (looks as though it will be complete sometime this weekend), and made it through 30 minutes before nodding off. At this rate, I might actually finish Season Two before Season Three comes out. This exercise thing is kicking my ass, in a good way.