Sunday, October 21, 2012


Listening to Ethan work piano finger exercises and just proud as can be. The exercises are difficult and tedious, but he is doing a great job and being careful to learn the correct form as well as simply Getting It Over With.
Watched the meteor shower from a truck bed with comforters and hot chocolate in the pre-dawn chill. It was more adventuresome than spectacular but still a great time. The cold seeped into the back injury and I have been creaking all day. Still totally worth it.
I took measurements for both boys' upper body. Graeme said, "Why are you doing this? I don't want a sweater." I smiled and asked if he still wanted me to make him a cape. He replied by holding the measuring tape without question.
The sleeves to the Fathertime sweater are nearly done. After that, a little bit of work on the neck remains and then it will be ready to wash and block. Given that it is my first garment with real shaping, I'm pretty excited.
Every time I wear the capelet out, I get comments, questions and compliments. All of that is a completely surprising by-product, and is reaffirming of the time I put into it.
Back to work tomorrow. Apparently it has been weighing on my mind more than I realized, as all my dreams this morning after the stargazing were filled with work meeting and were weird beyond the pale. Fortunately, I doubt tomorrow's reality will be able to hold a fraction of the strange that my subconscious came up with.