Friday, September 14, 2012


Please don't ask me how this happened. I have no idea.

While I was knitting last night, shortly after posting a pic of the recent progess on the capelet, one of my circular needles separated from its tubing. Bizarre, I know. There I was, knitting merrily, only to hear a pop and watch my hard work go sliding off into a tangled mess in my lap.

I took it as a cosmic statement for preferring doublepoints to circular needles, and dug out my same sized double points. I have five of them. That covered nearly half of the dropped stitches, and certainly didn't do much for my nerves, which were unfraying in time with he yarn.

A million years ago, back before the war, I had wanted to try double points to knit a sweater in the round. David took four of my very long single point needles to the workshop and reshaped them after lopping off the decorative bit at the end. It turned out that fourteen inches is unweildy in the extreme for circular knitting, but they were around here. Somewhere.

I dug through boxes until I found three of them (the fourth having been victimized by a teething german shepherd puppy) and managed to distribute the remaining capelet stitches.

The result is less than ideal but saved most of the work until I can pick up another set of doublepoints. Now if only I had a similar solution for my nerves.

In other news, it has been a long hard day at sea, so let's just leave it wih the saved knitting for now.