Friday, August 24, 2012

Projects in abundance

There is something magical (and a bit sad, but in a lovely way) about finishing a project. Sort of like finishing a good book that became a friend along the way.

I've moved the packed-up boxes aside, and the little odds and ends are diminishing into boxes too, albeit slowly. This is my major project of the month, and I guarantee there will be no sadness involved when it is over. I haven't had much time at all this week for anything else. Not reading or knitting, and not even watching television.

I've accepted that I will be renting for at least another year. Perhaps this is a good thing, and my mind has been beginning the buzz of other options, a symphonic "what-if": what if we (as a family) weren't tied to the area beyond the next few years? Could we really get a farm again? If so, could we really make it work?

These are fun questions, with interesting, multi-faceted answers that bring more questions yet again. [Watch out boys: there will be word problems in your future, and yes, math is involved.]