Wednesday, August 1, 2012

After the storm

While driving home, a deep storm filled the sky. Lightning hopscotched amongst the clods before striking, nearby but not yet on top of me. At home, Vivian and my mother were just finishing up dinner and playtime as the sky went from dark to densley so. Lightning and quick-response thunder filled the rooms of the house, making the sheets of rain on the window panes sparkle and flash. Vivian clung to her bunny and to me, kissing him each time thunder rumbled the walls.

The wind and rain seemed dangerous enough that I told the girls it was probably best to cancel our get-together.

An hour later, the rain let up; the sky lightened to evening again, and Vivian and Thunder Bunny trundled off to bed. My mother, wisely having opted not to go grocery shopping, sat and talked with me through the storm while we took turns rocking our delightful charge. Now that Vivian was tucked in, we watched an episode of crime drama and then Mom gathered her things to head home.

On a total impulse, I grabbed my nearly dead cell and asked if she wanted to hear something wonderful before she left. We sat on the porch, listening to Logan and Andy and Piers as Just South of the Unicorns played from my phone resting on the craft table. It was as delightful to hear it again as it was the first time; a deeper enjoyment for being shared.

Thank you, Logan, for letting us in. Thank you, Andy, for going on a quest - like so many tales of heroes and their adventures, your audience needed the experience just as much as you did. And thank you my friends for sharing it with me.