Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Radio Silence (I Kill You!)

Think good thoughts for me. More on why this is later (I,m not supersitious, but still, I'm not taking chances).

The recent radio silence has been a result of a stomach bug that has picked my family, friends and coworkers off one by one, courtesy of some random Patient Zero at Vivian's daycare. Since last Sunday, I have spent the night either being ill or helping with someone who is, and last week I made the mistake of going to work even though I felt wiped out; four colleagues fell to it by Friday.

Graeme started Leadership Camp on Monday, and Vivian starts toddlers this coming Monday. We are all pretty excited about the summer. Ethan hosted another fine day of D&D on Saturday and then spent Sunday afternoon at the pool and a cook out on Sunday. While I was sick, I watched both seasons of The Killing, knit a half dozen much-needed washcloths, finished reading Matched and started The Drifter&'s Curse (I confess: I'm a sucker for the Fever Devlin series). I skipped Pilates on Sunday, out of deference to my body and in the fear that I might spread it around; it was a good call as Graeme and I were sick again Monday and Tuesday. Along with chicken broth and hot tea, laughter really is good medicine: we watched all three of Jeff Dunham's Comedy Central specials. 

I am continuing to pack.

Julien has another homework assignment. I'm liking these more than I can say.