Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pondering Plants, Particularly Purple

This week it seems as though everything is lurking in the wings. Last week was action-packed at every minute, so the resulting lull is even more apparent. If you name a category, I'm pretty certain I did something last week that was high-energy and that I'm waiting to hear back about. Fortunately, they are all good projects in progress.

But apparently projects-in-progress aren't enough for me. Visions of gardening are filling my head. I have signed up for a local CSA for the coming harvest season, but I'm never far from wondering what I can plant next. This week, with the rains following the winter-that-wasn't, I'm distracted by pondering potatoes. All varieties attract me, but Yukon Gold and Purple Viking are my favorite, especially the beautiful blue flowers the Viking plants put out. I'm looking into how to grow potatoes in a tower, which should make it much more simple overall.

I'm trying to figure out how I can come up with a permanent-but-portable bed for asparagus -- it too has a purple variety that we enjoy and that isn't as likely to be found in the market. By the time I'm planting purple varieties of bush beans and bell peppers, I hope to have finished the raised beds.