Tuesday, January 3, 2012

And thus begins the New Year

New & Noteworthy:
Outside my window today: Still no snow. It's finally cold enough, but suddenly it's drier than a bone. Perhaps soon we will get the two together.

Things that make me happy: How awesome my children are, even when tired and hungry and in the grocery store. Vivian and Graeme joined me on a Kroger Excursion that resulted in ninety minutes of frustration and futility, and they were troopers. Well done.

On the kindle:
Graeme has been reading Diamond Age, and I really want to be reading ti as well. Perhaps as soon as I finish Dance with Dragons.

Recent Episodes:
Sons of Anarchy
Still no Once Upon a Time, Grimm, Castle, Hart of Dixie. We are not loving the holiday 'respite.'

On the menu:
Navy beans and ham, split pea soup, and anything that helps clear out the pantry.

On my To Do List:
  • Clear out the pantry.
  • Donate clothes

Recipe I want to try soon:
In the craft basket:
Still with the nothing.

Looking forward to:
Getting my hair cut this weekend. T'ai Chi on Saturday.