Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I'm currently reading A Storm of Swords, and last night was peppered with exclamations while I read near the boys' Lego-populated Warhammer battle.

I recommend both highly.

We are getting ready for the nearly-annual Pumpkin Carving event, complete with food and awards for pumpkins. Confession: I have no idea whatsoever how it is going to come together this year. But then, I rarely end up sticking to a plan so much anyway, so I'm just winging it and my Big Idea is that I'll enjoy the time and the company and the activity. That's the matter at hand, and I plan to revel in it.

I have a ton of projects waiting in the wings for after the Carving event, most of them focused around reorganization. Vivian seems to outgrow her clothes as soon as she wears them, and it's time to cascade those clothes onto someone who can make use of them. Graeme's room needs a bit of reorganizing (read: shelves / match / napalm), as does the kitchen equipment (I have more small appliances than I have counter space, mostly because there isn't much in the way of counters in my space). It's time to haul out coats and hats and put away shorts. And I love this time of year.

As a bonus, I've discovered some fellow writers who are encouraging me, either in person, directly, or indirectly without having a clue who I am. I blame traces of magic most, because I love the title.

As we left the house this morning, Graeme shrugged off last year's jacket, as it is too small, and opted for nought, since he left this year's jacket at school yesterday. Ethan shot him a "Dude, don't be dumb" look and said, "Winter is coming."