Thursday, August 4, 2011

and then there were four

This has been a wickedly busy summer. Everything seems to be in-the-air or in flux: Legal matters and housing arrangements, and the intersection of the two, have taken center stage for the last two months. They still aren't resolved, but are at least on a track now.

My dreams have been as intense and vivid as ever, but a little disturbing. Old houses and discovered secrets, including bodies, and even an old boyfriend who was tragically injured in one of the dreams (I emailed him; he's fine -- all the weirdness is my own).

I started with a new development team after returning from maternity leave and things are really heating up there as well. Hectic, lots of pressure, but all good. I'm enjoying work more than ever. Coming home to the children is a special treat, even though there seems to be no end of work. The boys have really grown up and are enjoying the sense of teamwork we have when taking care of the home. I am unconscionably proud of them.

We are hoping to get East Coast sightseeing done in the next couple years, and then move on to a few international trips while they are in high school. There is a bus from Roanoke to Lynchburg, where we can then catch a train to darned near anywhere. Top of our list: New York Public Library, Philadelphia, MIT, Baltimore Aquarium, National Zoo. I can't wait to get a digital camera / camcorder again.