Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wintery mix

Only ten weeks to go for the pregnancy, and I'm really started to feel (and look!) it. How in the world did it get to be mid-December already?

Last night while Ethan was at D&D, Graeme and I received and installed the new television, rearranged furniture to accommodate the new recliners and couch from my mom (placed in the den, not the nursery) and generally made a team effort of making the place look even more like home. We have a tree in the living room, and tomorrow night or this weekend I'm looking forward to putting on lights and ornaments with the boys. I'm nearly done with the holiday shopping, and am looking forward to wrapping it all up.

Our holiday week starts Wednesday the 23rd, with the boys out of school and my office closing at noon. I'm looking forward to the few days I will have them before they go to Phillip's for a week. While they are away visiting I have no shortage of projects to catch up on, including knitting, reading, and sleeping. I've finished my scarf (and this means I now feel comfortable with a basic cable stitch) and have begun the baby's blanket. There isn't much in the way of yarn so it will turn out quite small (perfect for the car seat?) unless and until I add some embellishments to it. The white blanket I started ever so long ago is still at David's, and even though I keep meeting his demands, he has yet to state a time that I can come get the boys' and my things from the house. It's frustrating, especially now that we could really use the coats, sweaters and boots, but all in all we are simply moving on and working with what we have. I think that's a good motto for the coming year.