Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pick Yer Nose

Pick Yer Nose has been rattling around in my head for the past few days. This morning in the shower, I was belting it out. Thanks (and apologies) to Ani DiFranco.

How come I can pick my ears but not my noseWho made up that rule anywayHow can you say that's the way it isThat's just the way it goes, why don't you decide for yourself?What you can do and what you can say?How come I can pick my friends but not my enemiesWhat is it about me that offends, what is it about me'Cause you know I'm only five foot twoAnd I'm giggly wiggly tell me again, what did I doWhy are you scared of me, I fight with loveAnd I laugh with rageYou've gotta live light enough to see the humorAnd long enough to see some changeI think shy is boring, I think depressed is tooI think pretty is nice but I'd rather see something newAll these plastic people got their plastic surgeryBut we got a big big beautifulWe got it for free, who you gonna beIf you can't be yourselfYou can't get it from TVYou can't force it on anybody elseYou know they come to clear cutThey come to strip mineThey come for some of my big buttMy big brain or just a little timeThey wanna take me out to dinner, think I'm a bitch if I don't goSeems like the people who actually like meWon't allow me to say no your idea of a conversationIs the third degree but I don't really know youAnd I don't really want to talk about me'Cause I'm not going to pretendThat I don't pick my noseThat's just the way it is, my friendsThat's just the way it goesThis is who I am what I do and what I sayIf you like it, let it beIf you don't, please do the sameI fight with love, I laugh with rageYou gotta live light enough to see the humorAnd long enough to see some chang