Tuesday, September 29, 2009

alliances, brinkmanship and reckoning

Significant events have been taking place on the international stage. In Pittsburgh, world leaders recently gathered at the G20 summit. There, on 25 September, Barack Obama, flanked by Gordon Brown of Great Britain and Nicolas Sarkozy of France, issued an ultimatum to Iran over the discovery of a uranium plant secreted in a mountain, close to the holy city of Qom, the size and configuration of the facility being inconsistent with a peaceful domestic nuclear program but compatible with the production of nuclear warheads. With tensions between Iran and the West already at an all time high, this discovery pushed diplomatic relationships to the brink. The threat of further sanctions was made at this conference and if this strategy fails, Israel has hinted that it is prepared to order air strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities. As if in direct defiance, Iran tested two short-range missiles on the 27th September and a long-range missile on the 28th. Clearly, the storm clouds above Iran are gathering.

In my personal life, matters had reached a point of alliance-building and brinkmanship as well. David and I officially stood down and made a commitment to our marriage and our relationship and to each other to be a supportive, positive alliance. I find it meaningful that the 25th marks the first day of our second year as a legal partnership.

Also on the 25th, Phillip and I sat before the bench at court, where I expressed dissatisfaction with late support payments and the judge echoed that support and its due date is not a matter of negotiation or convenience. Storm clouds are gathering over this matter as well, as Phillip still owes his portion of medical expenses from the Summer, and has not as yet been timely with support. This matter will no doubt come to a head when we return to court for investigation of support.

A reckoning is coming.