Saturday, August 22, 2009

quiet on the home front

Last Thursday I went to UVa for some testing. Saturday saw the annual family trek to Lewisburg for the West Virginia State Fair. Sunday afternoon Michael and Siobhan were in a car accident and we were at the emergency room until the wee hours, but they are both fine and recovering here at the house. Monday I had a D&E, and Wednesday David had knee surgery.

The garden still has some beans and tomatoes and peppers it is producing, and we have some red potatoes yet to harvest. In the next few weeks we will plant some cool weather crops, but for now we are mostly resting up before the first day of school, after which I start a part-time job at the Paint Bank General Store.

Yesterday I finished the back of Graeme's sweater and was delighted to discover it would still fit. I'm a quarter of the way through the back of Ethan's sweater and praying they don't have growth spurts before I get the sleeves on.

Happy birthday to Johnny.