Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Solstice and sunshine

Now that summer has begun in earnest and the rainy spell is over, farm work has cranked up a notch. We have settled into a routine of an early hour outside, mostly weeding, followed by a cooling down time in the house with slow-steady housework. After lunch, it is outside again for a half hour and then showers, followed by reading and some cooking. A last half hour before dinner helps keep our appetites healthy, and we sleep better than we ever have.

The vegetables, berries and flowers are doing their part, too, providing us tasty raspberries and blueberries for our morning snack. There is one over acheiving tomato that is nearly ripe, and the beans are climbing up the trellis. The onions, beets, carrots and potatoes all have healthy tops, promising a fine harvest beneath the soil. Even the peppers and grapes are getting into the act.

Many huge thanks to David for putting up the deer fence, and to Uncle Charlie for donating it. I almost don't recognize the garden without deer tracks.