Friday, February 6, 2009

String Theory

String theory: "Let's take mom's yarn and run it All Around Everything We Can Find and then be proud of our Contraption!" I swear "contraption" was Graeme's favorite word from 24 months onward. These days, we have a workshop, complete with table saw, drills and other dangerous things. The child is definitely heading toward an engineering degree: for his birthday he asked for 17 tons of dirt, and for Christmas he wanted a pallet of cinderblocks (i am so not kidding).

This month I started getting all my non-perishables from amazon, since the price is better than I can find anywhere, the selection is better than the co-op, and they deliver it right to my 45-miles-from-Anywhere front door. David and I unpacked the shipment last night, and this morning, Graeme came up to me, eyes all sparkling, and said "Thank you thank you for all the cardboard!" He had just been in the mudroom where we had stacked the (dozen or so) boxes. This child's paradise probably closely resembles a junkyard.

Mine looks like a sun room with a bunch of houseplants, big windows with window seat cushions, a Kindle and a pot of tea. Is there anyway to blend a kindle and an iPod? For now I would be happy to have the two devices separately -- one can charge while I use the other.