Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Work, Wildflour and writing

At the library again, doing the shifting thing. Love it or hate it (weirdly enough, I like it), every library needs to do it on a regular basis. I find it calming.

The upcoming title for the book club is Walking In Egypt, and I picked up my copy this evening. I have a whole week to read it, and it fortunately isn't very long, but I have to say at the moment I'm not really relishing it. How do I get roped into these things, anyway? Perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised.

Speaking of getting roped in, this afternoon I met with an acquaintance about some writing work. It was refreshing to be viewed as talented and valuable, and the lunch at Wildflour was a nice revisiting of the better parts of the five years before I met David. I'm not certain what, if anything will come of today's encounter, but it was a long overdue breath of fresh air for me personally.

After the meteing, I dropped in to say hello to David at work, and ended up getting the ooh's and ahhh's about the smart car. The recent restructuring wasn't spoken of, and I think overall that was a very positive thing.

At work, I'm really more career-minded than I have been, and I'm looking forward to having some meetings there, soon as well. Think good career thoughts for me.