Thursday, November 13, 2008

hooray for rain

We walked out this morning to a good soaking rain coming down, feeling for all the world as though it was not a passing fancy but that it had decided to sit and stay a while. Which is all to the good in my book. Not only do we desperately need the rain in this area, I'm a big fan of the grey overcast days that send most folks into the doldrums. I'm enjoying soup and hot tea at the moment, and feeling completely in my element.

On the way to work, I discovered a cute feature of the Smart car. I knew that it has an automatic setting for the wiper speed, just as it does for the headlights, but I hadn't really been in a meaningful rain yet since purchasing it. Bruiser handles quite nicely on the wet roads, and the sensors that pick up the amount of water got a bit of a workout when we went up and down the goat trail that is my path to work. As we went uphill, the wipers would slow their pace, sensing less water from the steep upward angle. Then, comically, as we would head downhill, the sensors would get flooded, and the wipers would swish for all they were worth, seeming to scurry in and say Whoosha, Woosha, Get Ridda That Rain. It was a delightful drive in, despite spilling coffee on my blouse.