Monday, October 13, 2008


This weekend we attended the County's Fall Festival, where we spent a couple hours at the Library Book Sale and then poked around, watching the sights and getting to meet a few puppies that were available (one really stood out, and we are taking our time in deciding whether to expand our family to include another member). One of my coworkers showed up to help with the book sale as well, and I think we all took home more books than we have shelves to hold them, as usual.

The boys' clothes got sorted, some of mine did as well, and there were hair cuts for the kids. They are growing up so fast I can hardly stand it, and they look like real gentlemen. Graeme has said that I'm so good at cutting hair that I should hang out a shingle, but I'm not really that enthused. Still, it's good that they are pleased with the results.

We all went up to West Virginia on Sunday and played at a new campground we found. It was a beautiful day.