Sunday, September 28, 2008

Brother can you spare a ride?

While the price at the pump continues to fall as a nationwide average, the reality in my little area of southwestern Virginia is that we are feeling the pain of gas shortages. It's not as bad here (yet) as it is in West Virginia, Ohio, Tennessee and the Carolinas, but given that my fair piece of the commonwealth resides at the crossroads of all these places, it certainly makes me wonder how David and I will be able to count on commuting. The shortage has hit hardest in Atlanta, Nashville, Tenn., and the Carolinas, including the Charlotte area and the mountain towns to the west. For days it has closed civic offices, cut short workdays and even canceled community college classes. Getting to work is not a small deal in the best of times for those of us in rural locations. And with the tidal wave of unemployment running around, David and I are lucky to have jobs. So perhaps it's time I asked my neighbor-down-the-road about carpooling, and asked a neighbor-up-the-road about meeting the bus after school. One thing is certain: if we are going to make it through this crisis, it's going to be because we have gotten more creative and pulled together as people. Now let's see if the government can be as flexible and committed to a solution.