Friday, June 20, 2008

it's called democracy

Senator McCain would like us to believe that by choosing not to partake of old-school taxpayer dollars to fund his own political ambitions is somehow breaking a promise to the American people.

In fact, Obama is making good on his word, making strong statements of principle and backing them up with actions, even if risks are involved.

I like that.

Tim in Texas gets it right on the money with his comment:
Today, for the first time in my life, I contributed to a political campaign. I did so because I have always believed that true power rests with the people, if only those people could be organized. Now, that power enables us (Obama and the people who support him) to fight back against the special interest groups and lobbyists…

It's time that people learn what their contributions can accomplish. We have the power to take back our country from the special interest groups. There are more of us and when we act together, we are the force that can dictate the direction our country will take. It's called democracy and it signals the end of our dependence on politicians and the beginning of their dependence upon us. Now, they answer, not to the lobbyists and special interest groups, but to us.