Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's all about 31 Million

Wow. Hillary is all about claiming her victory with Kansas voters, but the numbers show a different story. Obama managed to raise as much money in April as Hillary has gone into debt to make her case. If Hillary can continue to call these numbers optimistic, I don't want her anywhere near my federal budget. I'mnot the only one who feels this way, clearly: One commenter concluded Hillary's financial woes are reminiscent of ". . . a teenager with a credit card. Only the American public are the ones who will need to pay the bill." Add to that the latest poll showing Obama ahead of McCain in a national race, and I think the message is clear who our candidate should be. She claims Obama is getting ahead of himself, acting as the Democratic nominee before the decision has been made. Meanwhile, Obama is inspiring record numbers of Americans to get involved: 75,000 people at his rally in Oregon, record numbers of first time voters signed up, record numbers of contributors, and within sight of setting the record for most contributions raised in a campaign. Let Hillary address her empty halls. She is the ex-candidate.